Carpet Cleaning


Even new carpets will begin to show signs of wear quickly in greasy or high-traffice areas. As the onlsaught of dirt, dust, and grease layers itself within the pile of the carpet it
works its way into the underpadding which can cause permanent damage.
By removing that nasty buildup regularly we can dramatically prolong the life your investment while improving the workplace environment and your  customer/client/employee experience in the process.
Our three stage deep cleaning process leaves your carpets looking and smelling better than you ever thought possible.
We start with a pre-spray of hot water and a mixture of soaps, de-greasers, and deodorizers that is tailored to each carpet's needs. 
We then perform a deep scrub with our powerful Roto machine that utilizes a heavy duty brush and circulating motion to bring the dirt that is trapped in the carpet to the surface. Most of our competitors skip this stage but from experience, it is clear that the Roto is crucial for tough jobs like reviving old carpets, removing deep-seated grease deposits from restaurant carpets, and preserving high traffic areas that are more likely to wear down over time.
An extraction machine is then used to suck-up the maximum amount of unwanted buildup and give the carpet a final cleansing spray of water and deodorizer. The extractor, powered by two powerful vacuum motors, removes enough of the moisture created in the cleaning process to allow the carpet to dry in a timely manner.

Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning

Today more than ever, the couch and the bed are the two most used pieces of furniture in any household. And yet, we often overlook the fact that with every use they accumulate dirt, dust, and allergens that cannot easily be removed. With our upholstery and mattress deep cleaning and deodorizing services you can sit and sleep peacefully knowing that the two places you go to relax are clean, disinfected, and left smelling fantastic. 
The average mattress is swarming with up to 10 million dust mites,
each producing about
20 waste droppings every day
(which contain a protein that many people are allergic to!)

Interior Vehicle Detailing

We all know how quickly and easily a vehicle's interior can get dirty. Whether it's salt stains, food spills or muddy footprints, our hot water extraction deep cleaning equipment will ensure that your vehicle's carpets, trunk, upholstery and headliner are all thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
We also offer hard surfaces cleaning which includes a complete and meticulous sanitization of all other surfaces within the vehicle.
Nothing feels better than getting into a freshly cleaned vehicle
(no matter what it might look like on the outside)

Our vehicle cleaning service is mobile so you can wait in the comfort of your own home or workplace while we refresh your ride!

Flooring Services

When it comes to tile floors, there's nothing less appealing than grout that has turned black from dirt and grease deposits. Quantum will work hard to return your grout to its intended color with a high powered Roto machine, which can be used to degrease and scrub clean almost any type of flooring. 

Stripping and waxing services are also available and are sure way to refresh and protect even the most abused commercial spaces.
Floors take a beating, simple as that. No matter how resistant to deterioration a floor
may be, it is always
fighting a losing battle. Quantum will help fight to keep your floors alive for longer!

Commercial Dusting

We here at Quantum are proficient in the art of high dusting. Our multifaceted approach, which includes the use of hepa-filtered vaccuums and dozens of pre-dampened cloths per job, virtually eliminates the possibility for settled dust to become airborne throughout the cleaning process. The result is a much faster and impressively thorough cleaning of your business' light fixtures, cameras, sprinklers, vents, high shelves, and anything else that is above arm's reach. We can also take care of your dusting within arm's reach (commercial cleaning programs available...see below).

High dusting will make your space look and feel much brighter.  More importantly, it improves indoor air quality, thereby promoting a healthier business environment.

Remove the allergens and  irritants from your workplace today for that "air" of professionalism that won't go unnoticed.

Window Washing

The worst part about dirty windows is how
OBVIOUS they are!

​Bring some clarity back into frame with Quantum's window cleaning services.

We rely on experience and quality tools to achieve great results on both commercial and residential windows.

Screens, frames, and tracks should also be cleaned as a step in proper window maintenance.

Exterior window cleaning services available up to 2 stories only (for now). 

Residential Deep Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Programs