We here at Quantum are proficient in the art of high dusting. Our multifaceted approach, which includes the use of hepa-filtered vaccuums and dozens of pre-dampened microfibre cloths per job, virtually eliminates the possibility for settled dust to become airborne throughout the cleaning process. The result is a much faster and impressively thorough cleaning of your business' light fixtures, cameras, sprinklers, vents, high shelves, and anything else that is above arm's reach.

We can also take care of your dusting within arm's reach as a one-time cleaning or as part of a janitorial program.

High dusting will make your space look and feel much brighter.  More importantly, it improves indoor air quality, thereby promoting a healthier business environment. ​​
Remove the allergens and  irritants from your workplace today for that
"air" of professionalism.