Quantum is pleased to provide you with a free janitorial service proposal after performing an inspection of the facilities and discussing any important details with you. Proposed task cleaning times are calculated using industry standard production rates (adjusted for building-specific factors).

Every member of our team is thoroughly trained how to perform each cleaning task effectively and safely. A cleaning supervisor is present for all cleaning hours during the first two weeks of the contract and after that time, a random weekly walkthrough is performed by the supervisor with a full report delivered to the client.

Management's focus is on building communicative and trustworthy relationships with our customers so that no opportunity to serve you better is wasted.
Our contracts are flexible to ensure any changes to cleaning needs are promptly met and accounted for.
Quantum is fully insured and compliant with all workplace health and saftety regulations. 
Our cleaning program is based on a systematic approach that ensures a smooth start up at the beginning of the contract, a focus on quality control for best results throughout the contract, and a goal of achieving complete customer satisfaction so that you will want to renew with us at the end of the contract.​​
We offer green (eco-friendly and non-toxic) solutions for all of our services. 
Traditional chemical cleaning solutions are also​ available.